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Bridge the Gap Year

Two decades of combined personal coaching experience inspired parents Kim Marie and Raluca Kannan to start a gap year program for high school graduates, empowering students with skills to thrive in adulthood.

For many students, college is inevitable, due to parental or societal expectations. But with student debt climbing in the US, many graduates hesitate to dive into college before discovering their passions. Sometimes students take a gap year after high school — a time to work, travel, or volunteer — as they attempt to navigate the rest of their lives.

Kim Marie and Raluca Kannan decided to take it one step further by offering students a nine-month program at Parzival Academy that bridges the gap between school and entering the world. Marie and Kannan are Life and Leadership Mentors, trained as Ontological Coaches with Newfield Network. Marie comes from a diverse background of corporate, military, non-profit, educational, and small business cultures, while Kannan’s background is coaching in alternative educational programs, after a decade of working in the corporate world.

More Than a Gap Year

“We are offering students what they don’t get in high school or college...the opportunity to truly know themselves, believe in themselves, and have the wisdom to create a life that realizes their true potential,” says Kim Marie. “This is a gap year program for young adults seeking clarity and resilience, and who want to enter the greater world while remaining true to themselves,” adds Kannan, also a life and leadership coach.

As both mothers and mentors, Marie and Kannan saw the need to expand their combined twenty years of coaching experience to include young adults. “We offer them personalized coaching/mentoring, which is something often reserved for high-level managers in organizations. We help them get started effectively from the beginning, while connecting with others doing the same,” says Kannan.

A Program for Students Who Think Outside the Box

Founded in 2020, Parzival Academy was created in response to the question, “How can I create a meaningful, sustainable life while being confident and true to myself?” The program is for any young adult — ready to dive deep — who cares about their future, sustainability, and their ability to navigate effectively in the world, and who has a thirst to discover who they are and how they can use their unique drive to live authentically. It’s also for students who have been dubbed alternative, divergent, or different because they buck the status quo perspective.

Vocational, Personal, and Community Curriculum

The gap year program is broken down into four stages: Discover, Connect, Envision, and Create. Within the four stages, course topics include Power of Self Awareness, Moving Beyond Resistance, Navigating Extremes, Art of Communication, Financial Management, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Setting Boundaries, Cultivating Trust, Managing Stress, Living Authentically, Socio-Entrepreneurialism, Holistic Leadership, Innovation for a Sustainable Future, and more.

Students are taught practical skills to help navigate their vocation, effective communication skills to help them build relationships, and leadership skills to train in adaptability and responsibility.

Parzival Academy offers a hybrid model of in-person orientation and graduation weeks, combined with the flexibility of online connection and project-based learning between those weeks so students can participate from anywhere and still explore via travel, internships, study or job opportunities.

“We believe socio-entrepreneurial skills are critical for a sustainable future in a world full of uncertainty and volatility, and will instill in young adults a strong sense of resilience, freedom and responsibility, no matter what their future brings.”

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PRESS RELEASE 9/24/21 Bridge the Gap Year

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