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Pros and Cons of Post-High-School Avenues

With college loan debt surpassing $1.7 trillion, the newest generation of high school grads is more apt to explore alternative education options. Whether they choose a community college, a four-year university, or the workforce, there are positives and negatives to consider.

Gap Year Alternative

What if a structured gap year could provide lifelong value? What if your child didn’t have to do it alone? Gap years can be about bridging the gap instead of simply taking a gap, and be more about becoming than doing. Kim Marie and Raluca Kannan explain an educational alternative to the traditional gap year.

Which Should Come First: Self-Awareness or a Career?

Often, people rush into school or a career without taking the time to examine their passions or ask profound questions. Kim Marie and Raluca Kannan help students answer the question, “How can I create a meaningful, sustainable life while being confident and true to myself?”

5 Questions to Ask Your High School Senior

Most children are used to hearing some variation of “It’s my way or the highway.” But if parents asked their young adults pertinent questions about their child’s future, they may be surprised by what they hear.

What Makes Your Teen Tick?

Communication isn’t always easy between parents and children. The teenage years make it even more difficult. Life Coaches Kim Marie, and Raluca Kannan discuss how to ask your teen the right questions about who they are now and who they want to become.

How to Choose the Right 9 to 5

How early is too early for young adults to start considering their dream careers? Coaching experts Kim Marie and Raluca Kannan teach self-discovery and self-awareness to high school graduates.

How to Bridge the Gap Year Between Student and World

Many parents choose alternative education to give their child a more varied experience than conventional education. Alternative education doesn’t have to stop after high school.
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